Queensland University of Technology
Mathew Odron
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FCEで手に入れたものTo improving myself for the sake of other people.


I currently am entrusted with two positions. The first position is Program Manager at our Tokyo International School Kindergarten and Afterschool. I am responsible for the onboarding of new teachers and helping teachers of both programs with their classes,
lessons, training, etc. My other position is Head of Testing for our Onboarding Learning Management System: Smart Boarding. I confirm any bugs or errors received from our customers then organize and relay each issue to our engineering team.


My goal is to become vice-president then president of one of the subsidiary companies that I belong to.
After that, I aim to become the CEO of my very own subsidiary company within FCE.


It is very important to find a company that doesn't just feel like a good fit for you, but is aligned with you and your goals. FCE isn't for everyone, and not everyone is a fit for FCE. However, if you are the type of person that enjoys working towards rewarding goals, that enjoys growing as a person and as a team, that enjoys learning from both mistakes and achievements, then maybe FCE is the company for you!

私のココが負けず嫌いI won't stop until I figure it all out!

After we released the first version of Smart Boarding, we realized that there was a bug in the program.
Unfortunately no one was able to figure out the cause of it, but I never gave up and started checking every kind of test pattern I could think of.
Eventually I cracked the puzzle, figured out the cause of the bug and the engineers were able to fix the bug and the system.